Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

That's Ramgoolam excuse for talking to the MSM. In fact he's scared that the two opposition parties may get together and drive him out of the Treasury building after the ballots give their verdict later this year. So he's trying to keep them as far apart. And as long as possible.

For sure none of the three main parties will be able to win the next general elections if the two other gang up against it. Unlike what Ramgoolam was able to do in 2005. The PM can blame a dismal economic performance for having fewer options at his disposal.

And the MMM can be thankful to its Leader for taking the game of political Nintendo to new heights.


Anonymous said...

what do u mean by political nintendo?

Anonymous said...

If might sound insulting but all this(political alliances etc) is no different from TV serials and soaps.

Yet these people have a take policy decisions on our behalf.

I wish we could protest(on a different matter of course) like the french did few days ago against sarkozy. can we do this here? NEVER, but it seems this is a free country!!