Friday, March 26, 2010

Putting People Last

That would have been a more appropriate line for Ramgoolam to sell to us during the general elections campaign of 2005. That's because the Putting People First phrase was coined by Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign to summarise their promise to veer America away from the hell of trickle down economics that Reagan and the first Bush President had driven the US into. A promise that the 42nd US President subsequently made good on according to even some of his fiercest opponents.

Not exactly what's been happening in Mauritius with Ramgoolam allowing Dr Flat-tax to implement his economic kala jadu with infamous results.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Flat Tax likes to believe he's right. Fullstop. Sad state of affairs, thats why we still havent heard him or his responses to the cogent arguments you have voiced so far.

As for Ramgoolam, he's more interested in having fans around him and having the MBC record a footage!