Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016: The Year in Review

Q1: Bowie dead. Rain shut downs Mauritius, again. Ish will sue investigators. What Labour DNA is made up of. Obama in Havana. Can't count on Vishnu for an economic miracle.

Q2: Pythaghoras in boots gone. Doves cry. Leicester does twice better than points target. Private sector has no monopoly of common sense. The Greatest dies. Union not exactly happy with former advisor. Top three general elections. Mauritius has more important things to worry about than Brexit.

Q3. Jesse passes away. Poverty far from being eradicated. Galileo hops to Jupiter with two buddies. Gisele walks. Usain bolts to record wins. Budget misses boatShoppers avoid meat. Policy errors cause for massive poverty. Quieting the clock of our constitution.

Q4. Trump chances are real. Two years gone and still no miracle. Unions stop signing of controversial TISA agreement. How much we can learn from the US election process. Sithanen toohrooh approaches a trillion rupees. Rain shortens Porlwi by light. The Donald is Potus.


akagugo said...

And the word of the year is post-truth... As if we ever needed anti-euphemisms of the kind of "trickle-down economics", "friendly fire" or "conscious uncoupling". My goodness!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Indeed. Plus if you can't explain it simply enough chances are you don't understand it well enough (paraphrasing Einstein here).

Just added a few links to the review. Essentially from The Jag! which had one of its busiest years ever.

Plus a TYIR label which will pick reviews for all eight years.