Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Ramgoolam Achieved Without Sithanen

A higher average growth rate -- in fact the highest of the last 20 years and about 22,000 jobs (yes, our economy creates jobs even when Sithanen is not the Finance Minister!). All of this with a savings rate that stayed above 25.6%. Compare this with the last 4.5 years: worst growth rate in decades but 18,000 jobs more.

Of course there are all kinds of jobs that are created in the economy. Those that have been created since July 2005 couldn't prevent a collapse in the savings rate which is an indication that too many of them may be of the poverty-level variety.

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Anonymous said...

This is so brilliant, resembles one of those 2by2 tables we use in epidemiology to show basic but reliable data that shows obvious conclusions. Thank you so much for added emphasis on the type of jobs argument - this is so much needed here in Mauritius because never ever have I heard the policy makers talk about this....they just amalgate all and sundry. Once i heard Pierre Dinan talk about this......never heard the loud mouths making any mention of this fact.

When on earth whould we have such a table thrown out in a live debate on our local tv. some people need to confront the facts here...where are they, huh.
Sithanen is just good for monologues!