Monday, March 8, 2010

How Not to Double the Number of Women in Parliament

That would be counting on our macho politicians to make it happen. Women should instead create a new party with a credible plan for Mauritius and have enough good female candidates stand in the forthcoming elections. Or takeover an existing one.

I don't understand what's stopping them from doing so.

Happy International Women's Day!




no woman is an island. are we here to discriminate between the competency of male or female? of course not! nor are we asking 100% rights over men. by the way, there is no ministry for men in our country nor in the world. though we are in majority yet our voices are unheard coz we still live in the macho type society in the whole world. the male ego is always there with the attitude that women's place is at home. so for men, women are secondary in every way. those women who are asking vote in the parliament are not begging for votes nor equating with men, but indirectly want to withdraw the attention of men that we women have some rights to decision making be at home, in the parliament or elsewhere. indira gandhi, benazir bhutto, margaret thatcher are concrete examples of powerful women who can rule a country inspite of the consequences.
frailty thy name is not WOMAN!

Anonymous said...

I can see a simple solution: women could simply refuse to vote. Fullstop...until the situation is made acceptable.

but nope it wont happen because all these womena in question listen blindly to their husbands and vote as he directs. this is very much true in mauritius.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@Citoyenne Deseperee: I think not enough people (both women and men) speak out. Get your friends to come and participate in our debates and maybe we'll get somewhere.

@ anonymous: unless the wife is fitted with a small camera, there's no way hubby gonna find out how she voted. we definitely need more debate in our country!!!

citoyenne desesperee said...

I appreciate your comments both of you , but oops! male chauvinists!
hard to bear! i won't say that male are the worst creatures on earth, because even women have some defects. men's political target is to divide and rule a country unlike women who are united inspite of whatever drawbacks. women's era has changed.
@ anonymous! no wife is fitted with hidden cameras. perhaps husbands have them in their hidden pockets. paparazzis are mostly men not women- check it out for the cause of lady diana's death on you tube for detailed information.
and it's unfortunate to state that men are the best paparazzis in mauritius. free of charge.
if i invite my friends for a debate
on this topic, perhaps men must be prepared to be silent speakers and unbiased. "man is born from woman" and not vice versa. women are divine gifts.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@citoyenne desesperee: how do we go about making things better?

akagugo said...


If one assumes (I accept I may be wrong) that out of the voters have sent all these men in our "auguste assemblée" there are roughly 50% women, then, i may presume that this signficant other half of voters has WRONGLY voted.

Phew, that's a statement that all pseudo-feminists will immediately flare at!

But wait, think well: if, as Anonymous rightly suggested that "women could simply refuse to vote" then, you females out there reading this, only then it may dawn upon you the huge power that rests in your hand at the crucial moment of crossing these 3 boxes...

I did it on all three precedent elections, out of conviction: only women. "Luckily" for me, two of them got elected in my region (No.17) in 2005.

So, get to grips with reality, females: if you wish to make things change for "your" gender make the correct choice, work hard and show that you are better than your male colleagues, be an example even in the face of the fiercest adversity, and above all, stop whining. Whining about trivial things and failing to adress crucial issues, but just stop whining, it's couterproductive for your own cause and will lead you nowhere.

Cheer up: you can redeem yourself by voting only females in 2010. If there aren't any of your liking, just forfeit it. If I did it, you can too, fellow human being!! And motivate your female friends to do the same! But you need to remember: c'est un travail de longue haleine, but a trip of a thousand miles starts with a first (very determinate) step, and doing something is better than doing nothing!