Thursday, April 28, 2011

82% of Poll Not Happy With Government

With respect to how it has been managing Mauritius since the last general elections. More than half of these are even extremely unhappy. Granted sample is quite small but it is a fact that people are not very happy in this country these days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Body of Marie-France Pisier Found in Pool

Of her secondary residence in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer yesterday. The Indochina-born actress was to participate in the special tribute to Jean-Paul Belomondo -- her French new wave co-star in the 1982 movie L'As des as -- at the 64th Cannes Film Festival which starts in 15 days. She was 66.

Half A Million To Attend Sai Baba's Funeral

On Wednesday. The 84-year old died yesterday in his hometown of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. The man who claimed to be a reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi leaves behind millions of adherents across the world and a trust worth Rs270 billion. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bagatelle or Phase 2 of Midlands Dam?

Bagatelle Dam will hold 15 million m3 and cost between Rs 3.1-3.4 billion while Phase 2 of the Midlands Dam involves 17 million m3 and by my rough estimates should come with a tag of Rs1.2 billion. Isn't that getting 2 million m3 for a couple of billions less?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Water Than Mare aux Vacoas

That's how much of the precious liquid Phase 2 of the Midlands Dam would have been holding these days if it had been built during Mamou (Chacha being already taken) Ramgoolam's second mandate.

How do I arrive at this? Simple. Given that Midlands Dam was 83.2% full on April 5th, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that its Phase 2 would have clipped a similar water level. At a capacity of 17 million m3 that translates to 14.1 million m3 or 13% more than the water currently in our 125-year old Mare aux Vacoas.

Why was Phase 2 not built? Guess that's what happens when you entrust critical economic positions to a toxic bean-counting duet.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

2010: The Year in Review (Q4)

October: Father of test tube babies wins Nobel. Last hurdle preventing the Lutchmeenaraidoo/Sithanen debate cleared. Additional proof that you've been taken for a bean-counting ride presented.

November: Brazil elects first female President. Pamela asked to leave radio. 41% of poll says MMM would take 3 towns. STC's abnormal hedging loss increases by almost Rs2 billion.

December: Simpler process makes Passport Office really cool. Wikileaks reveal purpose of Marine Park. Bunwaree gets opportunity to be bold. Kozelidir Person of The Year 2010 attributed to the Forum page of Le Mauricien for providing a healthy space to the Mauritian Civil Society.

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2010: The Year in Review (Q3)

July: Gyan's penalty hits the woodwork and denies Ghana opportunity to advance to the semi-finals. World expected to grow faster than Mauritius. Iker and Sara share tender moment with watching World. Flat tax spins public finances out of control. Mansoor doubles foreign debt in 3 short years. Free guide to abolition of private tuition published.

August: US to allow tax cuts for the rich expire. Democratisation of the economy to now take 1,000 years. What killed many IRS projects investigated.

September: Massive volunteer operation feeds 80,000 every day. Competition watchdog not happy with how insurance is bundled with loans. Mansoor circular found misleading nation.

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ECB Hike Rates And Hints More on The Way

Main policy rate increased by 25 basis points on Thursday because of upside risks to inflation through second-round effects even though Europe is battling with a sovereign-debt crisis.

Find out more about the Monetary Policy of the ECB.

2010: The Year in Review (Q2)

April: Three-quarters of poll not happy with Berenger's performance as Leader of the Opposition. Worst economic management ever shrinks outgoing Finance Minister's political options. MMM implying 2 political dynasties in an alliance is ok, 3 is not. Sithanen dumped to increase Navin's odds of returning as PM. Amnesty International issues statement reminding us that ethnicity has no bearing on economic performance delivered. Indian Minister Shashi Taroor tends letter of resignation at second meeting with Manmohan Singh while here one minister gets ready to meet PM for the eighth time.

May: A former President climbs on soap box to remind partisan crowd son is candidate. One poll finds May 5 race close while another says 22% of voters decide 3 days before election day. Berenger's body language on radio show indicates he has lost the election. Voters give Ramgoolam new opportunity to shrug off neocon label. Bheenick back from the dead as rupee sent to hell. Myth of the strong rupee debunked.

June: Best places to deal in USD noted. Tutu and Shakira set Soweto on Fire. Lawyer says nomination process opaque. Boycott gets new definition. MPC worried inflation might be picking up. Competition Commission reports anti-competitive behaviour. Ways inequality was boosted. Real unemployment rate is 3% higher.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

2010: The Year in Review

January: The civil society started the decade unsure about who they would be voting as PM later during the year but clear that Paglanomics had to be stopped. Ramgoolam's pathetic second mandate was analysed along the dimensions he said mattered most to us while Elvis is suspected to have commented on the budget. Tens of billions of rupees of FDI were unable to reduce unemployment to single-digits. The audit report will be late just when we needed it the most.

February: 65% of a poll says Sithanen will not stay on as Finance Minister. Union bosses ask PM not to renew Mansoor's contract. The latter cuts the FS to size while Sithanen's university buddy is said to second-guess Parliament. The real reason behind the HR guidelines is analysed. The share of coal in electricity production is now 49 times larger than when Navin first became PM. He also makes a U-turn to announce that the death penalty will be reintroduced.

March: Titmuss never won any Nobel. Lousy economic polices forces a twice shy Ramgoolam to consider the MSM as a potential ally. The job creation record of the two zinku compared. The PM dissolves Parliament and invites voters to a 35-day campaign.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kuma Pu Regle Problem Dilo

  1. Met laru anba marovakwa apre buz li kot lapli tonbe
  2. Rekumans priye selman sakula dimann bondye viz inpe kuma dimunn
  3. Mont pri dilo par 10-20% parski sa pu rempli marovakwa tudswit
  4. Lans enn enhancement program pu bann minis -- fer cabinet meeting fini dimans tanto
  5. Fer bann fib optik sarye dilo
  6. Fer tu tax vinn zero kumsa gouvernman pu gagn kas pu ranz enn lot rezervwar
  7. Fer pers tu bann tiyo distribisyon kumsa delo aret perdi
  8. Rempli enn de avion sitern ar dilo lapli apre fer zet sa dan marovakwa tu le zur
  9. Fer Moris vinn dan le dis premier dan sa gran gran gran ranking kiapel Doing Business la
  10. Dir bann turis amenn zot prop dilo

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why Free Laptops Have Not Been Distributed Yet

Almost a year after they were promised by A2A. Because of budgetary restrictions says Minister Bunwaree. So that's essentially the same reason why Ramgoolam had to cut Mansoor to size last year when the FS wanted to freeze 2,700 promotions on the eve of the general elections. And it's the same dumb stuff Ministers said Sithanen had been singing to them between 2005 and 2010.

Now 42 police sergeants are going to court because their promotions are overdue by about a year too. No money here too?