Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Water Than Mare aux Vacoas

That's how much of the precious liquid Phase 2 of the Midlands Dam would have been holding these days if it had been built during Mamou (Chacha being already taken) Ramgoolam's second mandate.

How do I arrive at this? Simple. Given that Midlands Dam was 83.2% full on April 5th, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that its Phase 2 would have clipped a similar water level. At a capacity of 17 million m3 that translates to 14.1 million m3 or 13% more than the water currently in our 125-year old Mare aux Vacoas.

Why was Phase 2 not built? Guess that's what happens when you entrust critical economic positions to a toxic bean-counting duet.


Nico in Mauritius said...

Finally a Mauritian blogger that says what he thinks!

I've rss'ed you. Very insightful posts.

I have to say I'm back only recently and a bit lost on what happens in the political arena.

You should write about why we haven't got a metro leger yet !


Anonymous said...

Hello Nico, greetings from one of the Anonymous on here.

Why would you want a metro, leger I wonder? Keep focused on the many phantom reservoirs for the time being......

Anonymous said...

I hope that when this government's mandate runs out(ather this 5 years that is and after all these problems stay unresolved you will stop talking about the duet.

Why put the whole blame on just theses two. What do you think the Ramgoolam himslef was supposed to be doing - showing leadership and guiding the ministers or figuring out how is popularity level is and how to stay prime minister until the sun runs out of power and eats all the planets.

Cant you see the huge elephant in the room?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Thanks Nico, just trying to add my two cents in the ongoing debate. Yeah, the metro and a lot of other things.

What the duet have started in 2005 will have a negative effect for many years to come. And don't forget that half of that toxic duet is still there. Ramgoolam has certainly to share in the blame for the sorry state of affairs especially when one realises how easy it would have been to produce much better outcomes. Never too late we should organise a little donation, don't you think?