Saturday, January 2, 2010

Evaluating Ramgoolam's Second Mandate

Economic: Worst average growth in 25 years at 4.32%. Savings at 30-year low. Economy has become more vulnerable by becoming less competitive. He didn't solve any major problems. Traffic, for example, has been clamping us down for another 5 years. So he wasn't able to solve it in 10 years as Prime Minister. And he says he likes speed.

Social Justice: Never in the history of our independent country has growth been so unequally distributed.  Reducing marginal tax rates -- as in the Reagan years -- allows the rich to hit the jackpot. Flattening the tax structure is the thing to do to create maximum social injustice. Don't forget to add a lot of speculative FDI to that and subtract a weaker safety net for the poor and the middle-class to get an idea of what has happened. Also cumulative inflation, the worst enemy of the poor, has been between 54% and 70% higher than under Federation 2 since 2005. Ramgoolam has turned back the clock of social progress in this country. That's a betrayal of the dearest ideals of the Labour Party and of what SSR stood for.

Cultural Growth: After failing on the economy and on social justice he's been recently including cultural growth in his speeches. Does boring us to death with the same stories about SSR count as cultural growth? I don't think so. And is cultural growth possible when you're creating poverty and inequality by the truckload?

Environment: Maurice Ile Durable should be re-christened as Maurice Ile Palabres. Nothing significant was achieved on this front over the last 4.5 years.


Anonymous said...

Add another subheading to economy:economic democratisation.
That ranked high on the agenda of AS but has been a dismal failure. No new major player is to be found in any business controlled by the oligarchy.
Additionally, only lip service has been paid to electoral reform and equal opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I forgot another vital issue: law and order.
Crimes of unprecedented babarity and other offences as rape visibly on the increase causing Mauritians to live perpetually in fear.The war against drug trafficking that would have significantly reduced loads of petty crimes as theft and ills like prostitution if successful seems way too loose to have any material effect on crime rates: Ally Lazer seems to have been wasting his saliva for many years now.

Mamoujee said...

Navin's greatest achievements have been to destroy the work of his father in 3 main ways:

1. Destroy the Trade Union movement by retrograde Employment Laws that make workers fund their own lay-offs

2. Liquidate the Cooperative movement & its Bank

3. Dismantle the Welfare State by removing & curtailing all social protection & safety nets.

Avec Navin, plus socialiste que ca, tu meurs...

It's time to denounce that hypoctite!