Sunday, February 28, 2010

PM To Reintroduce Death Penalty on A Whim

Or after taking note of the results of the private poll he ordered recently. What a lot of people are having trouble understanding is how can somebody make such a U-turn on an important issue like this. And we're not talking of just anybody here. We're talking of the guy who holds the highest office of the land. And why now, a few months before we go to vote for the next government?

Was that done to send some hope to the MSM which is still waiting for an appointment to discuss the terms of an alliance? Or to remind the PMSD that the Labour Party is open to any and all political arrangements including those that leave XLD on the sideline?

Maybe, but it also confirms that Ramgoolam doesn't stand for anything. He just want to stay in power at all costs and is prepared to surrender whatever common sense he might have had to a poll.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but dont say it too loud now, its been a well kept secret for quite a while now, lol

kreolmoris said...

agreed, filip