Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Debate Can Now Happen

Between the two zinku who have been Minister of Finance given that the last hurdle that was preventing it to happen has now been overcome: the junior one is now also not even a member of a district council.

As I've said before I am prepared to be the moderator for this debate between our two former chancellors. Possible topics include:
  1. How much gold should go in our reserves portfolio?
  2. The fallacy of the triple external shocks argument
  3. The relationship between tax rates and growth rates
  4. The effect of a flat tax on income distribution
  5. Inflation, the worst enemy of the poor
  6. Chronic rupee depreciation and living standards
  7. How to destabilize the Governor of the Central Bank
  8. The effect of savat leponz and gato pima on the eradication of poverty
  9. Putting incompetent buddies in positions of high responsibility
  10. Borrowing billions we don't need from the World Bank and what it's like being a Bretton-Woods puppet
That's a tentative list of course. So gentlemen, how fast can it happen?


Anonymous said...

I can make it happen soon - I will ask mansoor to come in for you know who.

mansoor is the new man in charge....pj uses this brain a lot....our budget will be a mansoor one!

leave rama alone, he's tired.

akagugo said...

Vishnu pou koz ar K.Beeharee zordi tanto (21 October 2010) lor Radio+. Let's see what he's got to say...

akagugo said...

Vishnu's interview (available until 21 Nov'10), while Pravind is already starting to complain about "la situation présente et future".
Rama, descends et sors de ta tour d'ivoire, s'il te plaît... Allez, un tout p'tit peu...