Sunday, May 16, 2010

Voters Give Ramgoolam Opportunity To Shrug Off Neocon Label

That's one way of looking at what happened 11 days ago. Granted things are looking promising for him given that the most neocon element of his last government was denied a ticket. And Bheenick's impending reconduction at the helm of the central bank will certainly be another positive development for a majority of Mauritians: the odds of another fatwa being issued against our poor rupee are pretty low.

Ramgoolam should seize this brand new opportunity and redeem himself. Right away.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with you Sanjay.

Anonymous said...

In UK, Chancellor Osborne who is bracing for cuts had this to say about the outgoing Labour govt:
“We are finding all sorts of skeletons in various cupboards and all sorts of decisions taken at the last minute,” Mr Osborne said. “By the end, the previous government was totally irresponsible and has left this country with absolutely terrible public finance.”
Curious isn't it ?
Read the whole paper at

Vikramg said...

With the uncertainty in the stability of the Euro, and Europe being our major export market, I wonder if the behind the scene lobby will not push for a weaker Rupee!

Vikramg said...

"Un laptop pour chaque étudiant en Lower Six. Cette promesse électorale faite par le gouvernement de l’Alliance de l’Avenir se concrétisera très vite"

This is a very good initiative by the government. Now students in HSC who cant afford the exam fees can sell the laptop and pay for their fees!

We really have smart people at the head of the state.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@anonymous: isi ti pu bon kone ki % de tou sa ban fonds kin anonse dernier 3-4 bidze la ine vreman depense e kuma ine depens sa. Plis sa 3 milyar rupi ki STC ine perdi lor hedging la merite ene FFC.

@Vikramg: wi zot bien bien malin. Lol!

akagugo said...

@ Vikramg
"Now students in HSC who cant afford the exam fees can sell the laptop and pay for their fees!"

Ena enn lott l'exemple coumha:
To créer la pauvreté par bann mesures economiques ki saigne bann ti-dimounes à blanc, après, to créer enn ministere pou Economic Empowerment... Ki ou dire? Extra bien résumé dans mem blog: Couma dire apé donne zako rasoirs et coumence enn bizness lastoplass apres !

Kozémotandé said...

The One Laptop Per Child project is an old project which Labour is now discovering, after a decade's delay. The project was presented to them in 2000 but they could not seize its importance. It's too late now given the pace at which technology is advancing.
The success of this Government will depend primarily on its capacity to manage the economy and its ability to maintain national harmony.
Having a World Bank neocon advocate as FS might not be right way to start on this perilous journey.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@akagugo: ou bien ouver cazino dan to kwin sime apre dire ki nu pu pran gambling tax pu elimin la povrete. Bien sir pa blie rapel kuma nu ti mizer lontan: nu pa tial lekol pendan 2 ans, nu ti met anset havaianas ziska laz 16 ans bla bla bla

@kozemotande: wi, c ene vie proze sa. Si mo pa trompe ene professer MIT ki ti kumans sa (Negroponte).
Wi AMM bizin aler o pli vite.

Anonymous said...

Garth Theunissen from Bloomberg writes:
"Mauritian Rupee Slumps Most in World as Exporters Hoard Dollars

The Mauritian rupee weakened to a one-year low and was the worst-performing currency versus the dollar as traders speculated the nation’s exporters were hoarding dollars, exacerbating a retreat from riskier assets on concern the global economic recovery will slow.

The Indian Ocean island nation’s currency depreciated as much as 4.1 percent to 33.3420 versus the dollar, the weakest level since May 20, 2009. The rupee traded 2.1 percent down at 32.7060 as of 3:09 p.m. in the capital, Port Louis, from a close of 32.041 on May 14.

“Risk aversion is making the dollar king -- exporters are unwilling to offload their foreign currency,” said Molefe Lenyai, a currency trader at Rand Merchant Bank in Johannesburg. “That’s keeping liquidity thin as everyone migrates to dollars.”

The dollar strengthened to a four-year high against the euro as the European Union’s fiscal austerity measures, aimed at preventing a widening sovereign debt crisis in the region, raised concern the 16-member nation’s economy will falter. Mauritius, located about 500 miles (805 kilometers) off the east coast of Madagascar, gets most of its foreign-currency income from tourism and the export of sugar, clothing and textiles."

Vikramg said...

The one-laptop to a child, is really a good initiative, not sure if it is really suited for the HSC level students.

I was wondering, why give "Lower Six" students laptops.
1. Will it aid in their learning? 2. Will the teachers utilise it in their teaching?
3. Also, to make the most of a computer, it also has to have access to the internet. Will the government provide them with subsidized internet connection?

I think as usual, this is an election gimmick which has not been thought through to tap all the capabilities of the initiative!

Interestingly, from what I read, the laptops are to be sold in bulk of 250,000 to each country who wants to buy it. Let's wait and see what they do with the remaining laptops, if they ever choose this scheme.

One downside to this scheme, is that the latest version of the laptop is said to be released sometimes this year or the next!

Vikramg said...

Just read this on L'express today:

"Toutefois, la grande majorité de ces ordinateurs portables ont été conçus pour des enfants du primaire. « Nous allons chercher des laptops adaptés pour ceux de la Lower VI » , précise- ton au ministére de l’Education."

As expected the $100 dollar laptop is not suited for lower six classes, though the article quoted a price of $200 for each. Hmmm.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

So finally, the guy confirmed that he is a neocon to the core.