Saturday, April 9, 2011

2010: The Year in Review (Q4)

October: Father of test tube babies wins Nobel. Last hurdle preventing the Lutchmeenaraidoo/Sithanen debate cleared. Additional proof that you've been taken for a bean-counting ride presented.

November: Brazil elects first female President. Pamela asked to leave radio. 41% of poll says MMM would take 3 towns. STC's abnormal hedging loss increases by almost Rs2 billion.

December: Simpler process makes Passport Office really cool. Wikileaks reveal purpose of Marine Park. Bunwaree gets opportunity to be bold. Kozelidir Person of The Year 2010 attributed to the Forum page of Le Mauricien for providing a healthy space to the Mauritian Civil Society.

Read the review for Q1Q2, Q3.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas where to get the new number plates done, the one certified by the Baichoo Authority Limited?

Let me know people, it looks like detective work this one

Anonymous said...

Marke garde, Ministre AB pou ministre de l'annee 2011

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this review, only problem is - not a single post entirely dedicated to PJ. Why?