Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ramgoolam Gives Tickets Split But Refuses to Take Questions

MSM is getting 18 tickets, PMSD 7 while Labour retains 35. Bizarre that the Prime Minister didn't take any questions although he said he would a little bit earlier at the Treasury building.

Should the fact that he organised this press conference while Sithanen is out of the country be interpreted that the bean-counter is being dropped? The other thing that was absent from his speech or the presentation of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge alliance is Anil Baichoo. Is the latter being dumped too?

Ramgoolam said he would be only taking questions on Saturday. I don't like this very much because that chops 3 days of an already short campaign. And can you tell me how the hell we're going to have a healthy debate about important issues when we don't even know when the electoral manifestos are gonna be ready? Doesn't that feel like a travesty of our democracy to you?


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Anil Bacchoo will be absorbed into the pool of labour candidates. His shell party should thus be dissolved shortly

Kozémotandé said...

Who cares about manistestos in this country? Do the masses read or even understand its meaning and contents? It's like the budget speech. Most of the measures are never implemented and forgotten once power is gained. Sanjay Jagatsing will surely do us a complete list in the days to come.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

It's not because we've been having lousy politicians for so long that we should take this for granted.

Manifestos don't have to be written in complicated language. They are one component of a well functioning democracy.

Here's something else we ought to do: we should have the leaders of our two main political blocks debate live on TV and show some basic respect towards our democracy.

Kozémotandé said...

We should try something Sanjay Jagatsingh. Kozelidir should publish its own Manifesto (in plain language and very concise and short format) and let the political parties know what are expected from them. It will surely be a summary of what has already been discussed in lenghh in this blog itself. Will it be possible although there is not too much time?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Will that be all or should I arrange for muffins too?