Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Ramgoolam Did On Issues That Matter To Us

At least as revealed by a recent poll he ordered.

Purchasing power. He failed because cumulative inflation reached about 33% at the end of 2009 and the corresponding amount for the poor hit 47%. And all of this happened while massive FDI poured into Mauritius. His government had already produced the same amount of high inflation as the previous one by May 2008 -- so here's one extra thing he shouldn't blame the global crisis for.

Education. His government didn't think hard enough about this crucially important issue although there were some little things done here and there.

Employment. Navin's current government has apparently created 40,000 jobs but the savings rate hitting a historical low tells us that many of these didn't pull people out of the poverty the high inflation put them in.

Environment. He made some fine speeches but nothing happened. He made a few more and still nothing happened. Except maybe that we now use a lot more coal to produce our electricity

Traffic. I didn't see anything. Did you?

Fraud and corruption. Don't know about these but for sure corporate governance has reached a low in Mauritius. For example did you ever find out how the STC lost Rs3 billion on hedging when it didn't have any of that to do?

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akagugo said...

Green-washing may be another issue to deal with when (if ever) they will be thinking of implementing Maurice-Île Durable properly: