Monday, June 29, 2009

Protecting People

By December 2008, Rama Sithanen had produced about 6% more inflation in 1276 days than Federation II did in 1755 days. Or if you prefer, he had already clobbered the population with the same high rate of cumulative inflation of the previous government in 1051 days. Interestingly, his 1051th day as finance minister turns out to be May 20, 2008: all the poverty that was created had, as a matter of fact, little to do with the current global crisis. And in terms of average inflation the bean-counter has been protecting the poor by making their worst enemy 70% bigger.


Kranti said...

Where are all these sons and daughters of the earth that we poor parents have toiled hard to educate? Have they become blind, deaf and dumb? Reasonably, we think that intellectuals(!) should take positions on issues of national interests. Have we become "rodère boutes" or otherwise "lepep admirab"?

Cry my beloved country, cry!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We've been lepep admirab for a while now. But, but, but it seems that a revival is now underway. For example there was a very nice and enthusiastic crowd in Beau-Bassin on May 1st. And this movement is set to grow nicely.

kifer said...

You get some nice protection if you land the job of CEO at the Financial Reporting Council.