Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Top 10 Reasons Why Mauritius Was the Best Managed Country in the World With Berenger as PM

No. 10. It is no more the sole prerogative of the Prime Minister to pick a new minister in our 'Eastministerian' system of government.

No. 9. We have the number one spot in the SADC World as far as representation of women in parliament goes.

No. 8. The unemployment rate has gone way down since our leader maximo was seen touring in a Rolls Royce in the Persian Gulf.

No. 7. Few hours after the Grand-Baie explosion, the PM was seen inside the wrecked building and... without a helmet. (So this is what they call hard-headed?)

No. 6. Estimates of unemployment ranged between 11,809 and 54,400 at one time and at least 2 people know every unemployed person personally.

No. 5. TV signal not received by a chunk of the population for a few days because the Ebene Tower unexpectedly got in the signal's way. Opinions diverge whether the Milau Viaduct is higher.

No. 4. Endemic forest and endangered species have some nerve in getting in the way of a more than carefully thought out highway project in the south east of the island.

No. 3. We don't appear in the first 10 best countries to live in 2005 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Quality of Life Index. In fact, we don't appear in the first 40 best places to live in next year.

No. 2. The % of fanatics who believe everything that the Leader of the Opposition says has been (scientifically?) measured at 10-15%. Has the % of fanatics who don't believe everything that the Prime Minister says also been measured? Will we ever find out which group of fanatics recently sent a representative of the no. 7 riding to Parliament?

And the No. 1 reason why Mauritius is the best managed country in the world is 

No. 1. "There is a price to pay for development." -- No kidding? And the price to pay for outright stupidity?

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