Friday, December 11, 2009

Teachers Saying Syllabus Too Heavy

Those of the Government Teachers Union (GTU) to be more precise. They were in the streets today saying that they are against abolishing private tuition to standard IV pupils (9-year-olds) because they need the extra time to try to complete the curriculum. I agree with them. And that's easy to solve. We just need to rewrite the syllabus so that they can complete it within class hours (we also need to rewrite it to make it more interesting and so that our kids don't end up as bean-counters when they grow up).

But they are probably thinking more about the extra money they make out of private tuition which for some is more than what they make as government employees. Maybe they are underpaid. Maybe they aren't the only ones. But that's not too difficult to find out either.

By the way, it's not the only post we've written on this topic. What do you think would happen if you hit the CPE label?

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