Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Make The Most of Kozelidir

If you've got a lot of time and an infinite amount of good taste you can scroll through the 300+ posts and enjoy them one by one (and tell your friends on facebook about it by clicking the relevant share button). Or month by month if you hit any of the month buttons on the right of your screen. That's not going to be the most popular option given the current size of the blog. Here are a few shortcuts.

Let's say you've enjoyed reading Samad's piece entitled Les inegalites meurtrieres and want to read posts along the same line. Piece of cake. Just hit the label entitled inequality at the bottom of the article and 4 other posts will pop-up for your immediate consumption including a 4m52s video of Thomas Piketty who's an expert on inequality and an opportunity to be different from Ramgoolam. Or maybe you're interested with posts on growth? Easy. Hit the growth label instead and you'll be on your way to read 17 more posts on that topic (more as we put labels in every post on Kozelidir). Of course, you can leave as many comments as you wish and you can do so in Kreol, English or in French and enrich the ongoing debates. Which you can also do by participating in the occasional poll that we hold.

Another quick way of looking for stuff that interests you would be to use the search boxes. I prefer the one that has search this blog on top (use it to find articles written by Richard Hokenson, Veer, Shy, Koztou and Mamoujee). The one in the top left corner gives different search results (I am not too sure I remember how they are really different -- drop me a line if you find out).

You can also join us on Facebook by hitting the FB Join Us box or follow us on Twitter. Some of our fans have added us to their Google reader and what not while others have even enjoyed purchasing the great books we've reviewed.

Finally if you want to have an overdose of Samad's writing you can visit Tchombo! and read about a A Femme Fatale Named Tina and the other posts in there. Likewise if you want to read some meatier stuff I've written, head to The Jag! where pieces like The Fallacy of The Triple External Shocks Argument awaits you.

Happy reading!


citoyenne desesperee said...

kozelelidir vraiment down to earth, so title mem prouve sa, li typiquement mauricien. ban dimune ki pas compran anglais kapav lire en creole au moins. ek aussi li reflecter dialogues ban zenesses zordi zour. li pas mal pu tane ban dialogue kume sa ek ki croire ban anciens generations pas pu compran zot langues.
bon kozelidir bisin faire la presse ecrite au courant lor sa blog la. mwa mo ti acheter l'express- malgre mo pas ene regular reader. ene beau zour mone lire sa blog la dan l'express ek sans tarder mo rentre lor internet. mais tout dimune pas kapav faire internet ek aussi pena moyen, sa blog la bisin reach tous ban mauriciens. par plusieurs moyens.
a bientot


mohammad said...

A ki apartien Lill Maurice?

En grand parti propriete prive.

Lor apepre 20% siperfisi la terre Moris ena bann ti enclave ( ki nou appelle ville et village) lor ki vivent 1.2 millions dimounes, avec zotte zanimo, mama, papa, piti, bofrere , belle mere, etc.. loto, camion, bus mazoutte etc etc, marchand ambulants, etc etc… marchands la mort ( drogues, lotteri, Lotto), professeur ki donne lesson 24/7, locataires, agents politiques ….couper-tracer….

La plu grande parti l’ile , 80%,apartenir a quelques familles (d’origine Français mo suppose). Zotte plante canne partou, et mette l’hotel cotte o-paravan to ti capav capave poz li pie bor la mer.

Nou ti dimoune nek vive dan palab politique. Gouvernma aller gouvernema vini listwar repet li mem. Gette Mugabe ki fine faire? Dakor li fin met so pay a zenou. Me nou nou deza a zenou. Nou ena enn sel opsion: diboute lor nou lipie avec reforme la terre.



Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Citoyenne desesperee, mersi pu to ban mo zenti.
Lapress a c bien okuran blog la. Dayer ena pliziers ban posts kine piblie dan lagazet ek dan paz forum Le Mauricien en partikilier.
Nu ossi ena nu paz Facebook ki p ogmente trankilman me sirman.
Resaman nu fine al lor You Tube ek pliziers senten dimun ine fini vizione nu ban klips.
Nu pei mari swaf pu ban dialog sitoyen parski nu 3 parti pena lintere moris ditu.
Seki to kav fer c fer pass nu mesak dan to milie ek to ban koleg ek kamwad, fer dimun vine partisip dan deba lor blog ou lor nu paz Facebook ek fer zot visit nu lor You Tube.
Tipa tipa nu pwariv bien bien lwin citoyenne deseperee. Mersi.

citoyenne desesperee said...

eski ti kapav ajoute live chat lor sa blog la? pu ena plisse interaction. autant ki possible pas li faire ene blog zourer kuma certains blogs. zot ene lekip intellectuels, bisin maintenir sa status la. zot cultiver. ban dialogues la top mais pas de grossieretes s.v.p. seul blog ki mone vraiment apprecier.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@citoyenne desesperee: mo pu chek ene kut sa live chat la ek kuma kav fer moderasyon lor la etc. mersi pu to feedbak.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I think I found the difference between the two search boxes. The one that says 'Search This Blog' will also look into comments. Which explains why it spits out a lot more results.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Looks like Google has merged the functionality of both search boxes. Enter something in the top left one and you will see it appear in the other one after you hit return. Am not removing the latter for convenience sake.