Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gilbert Ahnee Quits

This has been one of the top stories unfolding over the last few hours. He will apparently be taking on a new job in January. Probably some of the most interesting pieces he has written as editor-in-chief were penned in the last few months when he finally started to doubt the toxic economic policies of Rama Sithanen.

We are also grateful to him for his good taste in allowing the readers of his quality paper as he liked to describe Le Mauricien to enjoy quite a few of our pieces in the Forum section.

We wish him all the best with his new challenges.


Kozémotandé said...

Gilbert Ahnee has shaped the destiny of this country more than people can imagine. Policy makers and decision makers alike, even if they deny it, have been reading him avidly and have been influenced by him. He has brought the debates on some issues at levels unknown before.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I am not too sure that Gilbert is somebody that you can read avidly. His writing is quite difficult to read and he has not given a balanced treatment to enough debates over the past many years.

I think a lot of people got to read to him for lack of better options. But, with all these interesting material floating on the net, the need to read him fell substantially.