Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kreol Should Be Allowed in Parliament

And so should bhojpuri probably given the prevalence of these languages in our country. We just need a team of translators getting everything back to whatever languages are preferred by our MPs. That's a piece of cake to do. We can even send a group of people to the United Nations on a learning tour just in case we forgot that we like to brag that we are a multilingual country.

Allowing kreol in Parliament will immediately increase the democratic space because there are many citizens and MPs alike who are simply not comfortable enough in English or in French.

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Ashfaq said...

MPs who are not at ease with english and french languages should go back to school.
Can you even think about sending those MPs to meet their counterparts from europe.. what will they be talking about and discussing ??
Talking english, french and creole for anyone wanting to go to parliament.. and it should be a MAIN requirement..
In today's world, those who are able to communicate the best are the best persons for the jobs in politics.. and politics does not mean only mauritius..
Nowadays, politics means representing mauritius abroad and the MPs should not make the mauritians appear for fools ..