Monday, September 21, 2009

Time We Got Ourselves an Economic Constitution

Which would specify some basic principles for running government. Here are a few thoughts.

Article 1. Keep inflation low and within a narrow band. Tax system should have an appropriate dose of progressiveness. Otherwise you create poverty and inequality and might eventually need an armored vehicle when going shopping. No, the CPI is fine. We don't need a GPI (gato pima index).

Article 2. If you believe there-is-no-alternative (TINA) but to consistently depreciate our rupee you should either resign or go work for one of the two Bretton Woods loan sharks because you probably don't have a single sexy idea in that thing you call your head. Or recycle yourself as a revisionist. Please contact Navin Ramgoolam or Paul Berenger for a full-time position immediately. Nobody's picking up the phone? Call the Sun Trust and ask for Pravind.

Article 3: Public funds should be used to solve major national problems like traffic congestion. Provision should be made to have a sufficiently comfortable public transportation system. No money should be doled out to sunset industries. And make sure our soil produces enough to eat for all of us for as long as possible. No, sugar doesn't count as a balanced diet.

Article 4: Opaque stimulus packages are not allowed. Better use the money to lower internet or energy prices for everyone. By the way, when you have an APM at the STC and still want to play with financial derivatives that's called speculation.

Article 5: Make sure we satisfy a big chunk of our energy needs from green sources: wind, sun and water. Go ahead, prove to us that we can do better than Maurice Ile Palabres.

Article 6: Absolutely necessary to make sure that there is enough competition in our major industries. That should mean lower prices and better service not higher prices and confidential contracts.

Article 7: Summer time doesn't work here. Unless polar bears are sighted again in Riverwalk.

Article 8: No, we don't need two more articles even if you think that The 10 Articles sounds more marketable.


Kozémotandé said...

I do believe that the 10 Articles Constitution makes more sense. I propose the following additions:

Article 9: Land, being the main asset of the country, will be strictly managed by the State. Speculations will be prohibited and the state will ensure that every adult citizen (even those who are not owners of land) is entitled to proper housing accommodation by way of special public-private housing schemes. State land will be debarred from private property transactions to fight corruptive practice leading to speculative gains.

Article 10: There will be a minimum national wage based on the level of GDP and this will be revised on a yearly basis following the publication of the annual growth rate. It is high time that the masses be made to participate in the harvest, be it early or not.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Lartik 9 la interessan.

Lartik 10 la oussi. Mo pour ene saler minimum mais mo pour ene kompozant fixe ek variab. Ene ti p flexibilite c importan.

Enn_aie_uhh said...

Couma dire Ton Polo ine recrute quelqu'un en suivant ou lartic 2.

Et si ou ti envi connait kombien dimoune ine brainwashed dans nou pays ou ti capav ale faire ene letour lor page FB MMM cot ou pou trouve mem dimoune la ine poste sa:

"Is someone familiar with the economic situation of the 80's and Paul's tenure as chancellor in 82? Need to reply to one guy on my blog :s He is saying that SSR is worthy of the title "father of the nation" and even justifying it."

Oh Boy!