Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why Federation 2 Lost Power in 2005

I think it's a combination of the following factors:

1. One part of Obeegadoo's educational 'reform' didn't go too well with the voters: discrimination with respect to place of residence which ended up as discrimination with respect to religious beliefs.

2. Mean-testing our senior citizens. That even stressed one of our older folks to death.

3. Strong increase in the cost of living while not buying into Berenger's explanation that only external factors were to blame. Particularly the huge increases in the price of electricity.

4. The big job losses in the export-oriented industries between 2001 and 2004: about 23,000.

5. The outrageous IPP contracts with their confidential clauses.

6. The maja-karo seen with the organisation of the SIDS conference. Absolutely insane limousines were purchased not once but twice thanks to the well-known monopoly of the MMM over competence. Some were even fitted with DVDs so that the militan koltars could reinvigorate themselves listening to soldat lalit militant while being stuck in traffic.

7. The foreign policy of Mauritius was literally transformed into a job search.

8. Illovo deal.

Maybe I should add two more so that I can transform it into a top ten list.


Bruno said...

Is it easier to look for Sithanen failures or manquements du MMM? :S Illovo deal la pena nanier illegal laden! :S Ek moi mo ti bien content reform Steeve Obeegadoo :)

Anonymous said...

The likes of Bruno, a die-hard Berengeriste in his case, have contributed to sink Mauritius. We need real citzens willing real change, not mere chamcha!


mamoujee said...

You want 2 more reasons? What about the hush-hush opaque handling of the NPF-MK-MCB affair followed by the unresolved mystery of the theft of Rs 40m ( is that all?) with assassination of bank Manager in the underground vault of MCB? And the self-seeking feat of Pradeep Jeeha with his gang of unruly VOH occupying shrines at Mon Choisy and other sites? You want more?

Anonymous said...

Koze Mamoujee!

1)Any clue about who were pulling the strings to cover up the MCB/NPF case?

2)How do you assess the way Lesage is being made the scapegoat?

3)How do you explain that the MCB has yet to undergo any massive depositor/shareholder pullout? Is it a too-big-to-fail plot or is it merely an illustration of our state of ...rot?

mamoujee said...

I would dare surmise that :

1) Surely Teeren Appasamy is pulling the strings, as he must have tallied his sums under the mattress & then realised that his hard-earned monies have also benefitted some almighties. Make a wild guess: villas at Poste Lafayette, clinics, cinemas, red newspaper, London flat & parties? Who benefitted too?

2) I am unable to assess that, unless and until I get the original copy of the full report of N-Tan. By the way, did not NR say that he will publish that report which he accused AJ & PR of not disclosing? And Rama V was supposed to have all the documents on hand? I'm sure that report will enlighten us of the role or otherwise of Lesage in all this shadow banking. By the way, Swiss secret banking is like a choir boy in front of this monster that was feasting on the cosy lap of the Central Bank with the gleeful watch of the external auditors.

3) I have only one explanation, which is that we have a pep admirab that can and will swallow anacundas !!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Bruno, what exactly did Obeegadoo's reform set to solve and what did it accomplish?

The MCB/NPF/MK scandal also showed us how the independence of the central bank was obliterated. see here

Kozémotandé said...

I concur with Bruno. Someday a sensible Government will realise the good intentions of the Obeegadoo reform and the damages done to our population by the present education system. I also agree with Mamoujee about Berenger's hypocrisy concerning his relations with the VOH.
I would like to add the following reasons:
1. Berenger's communication style and his propensity to alienate civil service employees and other workers for that matter when he is in Government.
2. Government policies aimed at or seen to aim at enriching the private sector to the detriment of the masses.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Pa tro konvinki par bonnes intensyon reforme Obeegadoo. Line ti vine ek ene nuvo formil pu reparti ban plass dan form 1. Ti kav fer sa lor ordinater pu getter impact potentiel et non pa live ek ledikasyon dimun. Eski kan nu fer ene rekonstition ene grav aksidan eski nu remet nuvo dimun ladan pu geter kuma zot mor?