Saturday, September 5, 2009

MMM Publishes List of Candidates in Lieu of Plan for Mauritius

A partial list to be more precise. But that was controversial enough for it to lose the PMSD and Pravind is already working at patching up with his uncle. Which means that the MMM could finally go to the polls as it said it would: alone.

That's unlikely though. What's more likely to happen is that negotiations for Federation III will soon start irrespective of whether Ashock finds his way back to the Sun Trust. Unless Ramgoolam moves rapidly with the coup de grace which is about the only way he'll get more than 35 seats in the next electoral rendez-vous.

As you would have noticed none of our three major parties really have a serious plan for Mauritius. Cry Mauritius, cry.


Bruno said...

C koi Federation III ?

Actually the MMM has given the highlights of its plan. It's keeping the suspense to continue grabbing the media attention it need, surtout avec sa boycott ki MBC pe fer ek zot la ...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

La swit de Federation II.

Highlights la pa paret serier ditu.
Par examp ki pozition/solusyon MMM lor:

1. valer nu la monnaie
2. pri abisif kuran ki nu peye (IPP)
3. kongestion rutiere
4. system taxation aktuel
5. sistem ledikasyon
6. pri abisif lessens

etc, etc

Pa sir dimun p truv sa ene sispens. C plitot ene galimatia. MBC c pa institution pli independant ki ena dan nu pei sa. Noune trouv sa p import ki parti ki o pouvwar