Friday, April 6, 2012

MPC Needs A Little Tweaking

Given that Governor Bheenick -- who is appointed by the PM -- was outvoted by external members who are all appointed by XLD. We could reduce the external appointees by one and give a casting vote to Bheenick as suggested by former Governor Maraye. I think a majority of external members should have resided in Mauritius for at least the precceding 10 years and understand how the economy works. That's very different from people who have simply read economics and finance and whose human capital has been depreciating since then. We also need to exclude people with a worldview consistent with keeping only 1% of the population happy. We could also get people who have had a no-nonsense career. So here are my picks.

Harish Bundhoo -- Former Head of Central Statistical Office
Soobaraj Sok Appadu -- Former Head of the Met Services
Rohit Ramnawaz -- Managing Director of African Links Ltd
Aline Wong -- Managing Director of L'Inattendu

Who else should go on this list?


C said...

I'm surprised no suggestions here.

What the BOM does to our rupee and what happens to our financial system affects us more than most other things

I wouldn't have expected an outcry from regular commentators and big support for Bheenick for being the only govenor to show respect for his own intellectual ability by stating what banksters are doing.

My suggestion: Sanjay Jagatsing_ for maintaining the only site discussing Mauritian economic issues INDEPENDENT and intellectually-honest enough to have me visiting the site instead of talking to my dogs

C yet another comfortable outlier said...

Another name would be rattan khushiram from previous ministry of economicc development; I undersand from his colleagues that economic analysis in the true sense is his passion and he does not bend his analysis to suit WB, IMF or other self-proclaimed scholars. Moreover he doesn't really need to care about his benefits so the propensity to accomodate illogical reasoning is lower

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Meet the new MPC member who wants to extend the 3% tax rate to exporters of services. Why didn't we think of this before? Damn!