Sunday, April 1, 2012

Journalist Shows Big Bias

Against Nita Deerpalsing who was debating with Rajesh Bhagwan yesterday. Especially in the beginning when he seemed to want a Yes/No answer from the Labour MP to one of his questions. At a later point he took sides again when out of nowhere he quoted SAJ saying some people were scared of the former President's comeback into the political arena.

Bhagwan tried to destabilise Deerpalsing with some chauvinistic remarks. But she was unflappable.


akagugo said...

Not the first time that this "journalist" shows this crass partisanship. Not a surprise...
But we'll get to check on them "journalists" for all the debates that will pave the way to the 2015 elections: let's stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Very rightly pointed out....Debate was very interesting apart from this big bias as u say. Well managed by Nita against a bulldozer and a chauvinist bias.