Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Journalists Turn PM Interview into Circus

That's been happening since 17h00 today. Incredible. They asked the PM questions at the same time. And they don't wait for him to answer. Nope. They interrupt him with more questions while he is answering. And they've been doing this repeatedly.

I guess that's some serious competition for Cirque du Soleil.


DRD said...

PM was also part of the circus never answering precisely on elecotral reform,municipal elections and ROCHE... He tried to copy again from his friend SARKO who did it with pujadas and ferrari. He could have done with R+ AND R1 journalists who asked pertinent questions OR if he wants pujadas or ferrari local he has to stop the paralysis of media trust and let training continue

akagugo said...

Pour ceux qui aiment VRAIMENT voir la bouille du Macarena Boy, ou l'écouter, et certains y voient, malgré le manque total d'ordre, un grand moment d'histoire.