Monday, April 5, 2010

Poll Finds Brain Drain Problem Very Serious

No less than 78% of the 57 people who voted deemed that Mauritius had a very serious brain drain problem. That's something The Economist had mentioned years back and more recently a colleague of mine thought that the numbers for our country appeared to be extraordinarily high.


Anonymous said...

Lavenir som moris a cause ban politique economique Sithanen. Tou dimoune pe envi kite pei aller. Mo pa ditou etonner par sa sondage la.

akagugo said...

Out of my 6 closest university friends, 2 of them are now living abroad. Out of my primary / seconadry school friends, more than half have graduated and stayed abroad. The number of people whom I know added to yours and anyone else reading this, it's an hemorrhage!!!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

What could our diaspora think when they see what's being done to our rupee and how a top professional like Manou Bheenick -- who has served Mauritius brilliantly for decades -- was treated?