Friday, April 2, 2010

Worst Economic Management Ever Leaves Sithanen With Little Political Choice

For months now it was clear that Sithanen would probably have to leave his old riding of Belle-Rose/Quatre Bornes and migrate to riding no. 8 or no. 13. But since Wednesday his options have dwindled considerably with the announcement of a 'Bleu-blanc-rouge'  alliance. This is because the MSM got 18 tickets and its Leader will most likely take Rama's current no. 4 position in the next government if that alliance wins the May 5 polls. 

Things got even more complicated for Sithanen with Pravind Jugnauth standing as candidate in no. 8 and pushing one of his candidates with the same ethnic profile as the current Finance Minister in riding no. 18. So ridings 8 and 18 became out of reach for Sithanen and he was left with only one option: no 13.

The snag is this is the riding where Lutchmeenaraidoo will compete in and Sithanen's would not only face more than an uphill battle but will likely make life quite difficult for his running mates and for Ramgoolam at the national level. And apparently Ramgoolam has told Sithanen that he will not get the finance portfolio in his next government and the max he can do for him is a ticket in no. 13.

Considering that Rama Sithanen has always said that he's in politics only to be Finance Minister it looks like he doesn't have any reason to stay on now. He may announce he's quitting politics in a few hours.


Anonymous said...

In response to your title - did it occur to you that the reason for sithanen being left out is simply a price that ramgoolam has to pay to let pravin in?

I dont agree with yout title al all, it is so oportunistic although I agree Rama has been a failure

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

My title's essentially saying that Rama has failed which is what you are saying too so I don't understand why you're saying you disagree when in fact you're agreeing 100%.

And Ramgoolam is paying for the failure of Sithanen.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous 1: Your title does not make much sense. How can Ramgoolam pay for the failure of Sithanen when the former day in day out 24/24 insists that his economic performance of which Sithanen is the architect is the most brillant of all times??
Or maybe Ramgoolam is saying one thing but thinking another in which case you might be right.

Anonymous said...

Moi mo trouver ou titre la Top. Pareille comme tou ou ban titre. Ban ki p dire li pa bon dapre lord zot pan al lekol sa

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 3: fole ou al lekol pu ou aprane exprime ene l'opinion lor ene titre? ou lekol la paret bien original. fer conner kt sa eT

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Well Ramgoolam had knocked out the MMM twice in 2005 and the only way it came back from its grave is because of the crazy policies of Sithanen.

In fact if Ramgoolam had sacked Sithanen back in 2005 and given that ministry to someone else he would probably have been able to go into the general elections alone and win big.

Anonymous said...

3.1% growth rate, is this fiction or reality as seems that title is relating same to fiction instead !Being an open economy and when trade partners are facing dire economic conditions, I believe that the minister deserve some credit and surely not the PM who knows nothing in economics and finance likewise for P Jugnauth. It does matter to be a technician to manage the financial affairs of a country and these incompetent clowns NR and PJ will take this country to recession at a time when our partners are back in business. The Rama Sithanen's bashing has gone far, very far on this board, some would say 'pli facile ecrir bla bla bla ki atrap poelon la'

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Growth rates are notoriously limited statistics and should certainly not be considered in isolation. You may wish to take a look at our nice little collection of pieces on that topic. That could bring some inner peace to you.

I don't subscribe to the point of view that you absolutely need a technician to be MOF. What you need is somebody who's results-oriented and who considers the country as a whole and not some World Bank puppet cum bean-counter who comes up, among other things, with a Fat Pigs Relief Fund (Stimulus Package). Or gives Rs5 billion gift to a sector which accounts for 2% of our economy.

Guess you'll pardon me for not rising to my feet for the 3.1% growth when you'll put things in a little bit of perspective.

'Atrap poelon la' sa ene dialog MMM sa. Parey kuma soidizan kompetans existe zis dan MMM. Aret fer riye kamrad!!!

You should also not forget that Sithanen and the other half of the toxic duet has thrown a majority of our fellow citizens in a personal recession for 4 hellish years now.

You think it's bean-counter bashing? Nah. It's more bean-counter debunking.

Bean Peeler said...

I can see that Mauritius has faired better than Guatemala in terms of growth rate. We do indeed need to beg Navin to let Sithanen and his World Bank buddies to deplete even more the country courtesy of crony capitalism.This guy truly desrves the title of Biggest Business Fraud.Well if you are still able to distinguish between vintage Radiohead and bootlegged Lady gaga.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were a candidate too, lol.

How did they leave you out?