Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Mongolia Should Interest You

First for the extraordinary landscapes. Second because it happens to be in good company with a host of countries like Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

What do all of these African countries have in common? Well, they all posted a growth rate of between 4.3% and 7.5% in 2009, a year of global turbulence. And they did that without you know whom.

You can also have a peek at the whole list.


Anonymous said...

Lets leave that now. I think you betetr start focussing on the next F.M. You think he will heed your advice?

Even our PM didnt undestand well what it means to have a poor transportation system!!! What Im saying is that not much is gonna change, plus ca change plus cest le meme.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We don't know who's that gonna be yet. But for sure we're not going to let anybody slack off.

And each one of us has to add his two cents so that the important issues are kept on the front burner.