Thursday, April 29, 2010

Voting For L'Alliance Du Coeur is Voting For Rupee Depreciation

Of the systematic and unreasonable variety and that for at least a couple of reasons. The first one is that Bheenick will probably be told to leave the Central Bank. We shouldn't underestimate the benefit of having had Manou there for the past three years.

The second reason is they will probably replace him with someone like Basant Roi, Khushiram or some fellow with a strong depreciation bias. They could even have Sithanen as the new Governor because they haven't got over the way he was sidelined, have they?


Anonymous said...

alors besoin vote ptr, isnt it?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Pa oblize parski kav:

1. Vote alliance MMM si ou kontan ler roupi depresyer
2. Kav pa vote oussi

En fet bizin ene gouverner teti kuma Bheenick pou manz ek sa ban "tang ki aparet la kumam zot tan loder depresiasyon" -- btw, akagugo so dialog sa.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured that if Navin puts him back he won't be removed. I know that Vishnu and Manou are in very good terms...

ConversationLimited said...

I think our ministers need to learn a bit from Singapore in terms of managing the economy. When the recession was at its worst, unlike mauritius, people getting laid off in thousands and some having to take pay cuts, the government did not initiate any currency depreciation.
One to take note that Singapore Economy depends entirely on exports.

Now, they have allowed the currency to float, which is causing it to appreciate.

Well, our future Finance Minister can at least take note.

akagugo said...

"akagugo so dialog sa" :-)
Weh, parski zis tang ki sniffer sa kantité-la avant li sorti depi dans so trou. Donc, pou enn metaphor vraiment striking, mo "pas ti ena le choix"... :-D

By the way, enn ti joujou ki mo bien content jouer (et aussi bien utile pou travay):

Ar sa ki ou trouver commier roupie vaut zordi-zour... Et lor la, ena pe demann devaluer roupie-la enkor plis!

Anonymous said...

Ban "gourma la mine du pain" sa.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

VL saying he picked Basant Roi because he wanted to keep politicisation of the BoM to a minimum. Isn't that funny though given that Roi was on the economic team of l'Alliance du Coeur in 2010?