Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kee Chong Disgusted At How Sithanen Has Been Treated

That's how he ended his short interview with Deepa Bhookun this morning. He also reminded Rama that there are other things in life that one can do and to take some time to think things over.

I am however having a hard time understanding why he thinks Sithanen's has been treated in a inhumane fashion. The way many people look at it is Rama screwed up big time as Minister of Finance and Ramgoolam found -- rather belatedly I must say -- someone to replace him.

I also wonder what Kee Chong thought of Rama's second-guessing the Prime Minister's prerogatives in public last Sunday.


Iule said...

C'est cela le peril ... mauricien mon ami. Il ne faut grand chose pour se transformer d'un citoyen "révolté" en démagogue cheap!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

The other thing is whether it's Ramgoolam humiliating Sithanen or Sithanen self-humiliating himself.

Kee Chong should also tell us whether they would have kept Sithanen as Finance Minister if the Labour Party had contracted an alliance with the MMM.