Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gregoire is Not La Cause Creole's Best Friend

That's what I am concluding when I look back at the statements he's been making over the last couple of years. See, he once gave an interview where he said that the future is in Finance and offshore etc and that the creoles are going to have a hard time because they are not prepared for these kind of jobs. That's about the last thing you want to say to the people whose lives you want to improve. Besides the facts tell another story.

He also wanted a quota of 35% for creoles in the public sector. Guess we should ban all entry qualifications and just hire people based on their ethnicity. And what do we do about people of mixed parentage? Do we flip a coin to decide? A 35% quota may also be impracticable if creoles in their overwhelming majority prefer to work in the private sector. And do we send me instead of Stephan Buckland for the 100-metre dash if a corresponding quota for creoles in sports is used up?

And he said he was sad the kind of treatment that Sithanen was getting because the guy is competent and has showed his mettle during the tough times the country went through. With all due respect Jocelyn, I think you should stick to your prayers.

Finally he claims that the Federation des Creoles Mauriciens (FCM) is an apolitical movement. Really? Then why do you go around and making statements like the bleu-blanc-rouge alliance is not in the interest of the minorities? Or that you will not give any voting directives to your members but that the electoral program of the MMM has a lot in common with the FCM's own manifesto?


Anonymous said...

Your argument is deeply flawed. A political statement is not necessarily partisan politics. His demagoguery is often gauche though, if not blatantly fiery at times. Besides, Jocelyn Gregoire has much more practical insights than armchair advocates.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Pardon me, but Sithanen's policies have created massive inequality and poverty and has collapsed the circle of opportunities for a majority of our fellow citizens. That would certainly include the creoles Gregoire is supposedly fighting for.

What are those practical insights of his? Can we have a list? Or should we take a leap of faith?

Kranti said...

Sanjay, to add to JG's list: he wants posts in the Civil Service including the Police by quota! do we get qualifications by quota? He reamains "motus bouche cousue" on jobs in private firms like IBL, MCB, and the like where by a glance, one can find that the minority is majority. That's a verifiable fact and is not meant to be taken as anti-what/who-JG-promote. Are these guys REALLY more qualified than what/who-JG-does-not-promote?

akagugo said...

Shit! In Dodoland, whatever thing you discuss slips onto the ethnicity slope too quickly: refer to the 'scandal' of the closure of KFC's when Jeetah made the comparison with dalpouri sellers.

@ Anonymous:
Agreed - Grégoire is a demagogue. Agreed also - a political statement is not partisan politics. But when you state your preference for one side over another, it's no longer a statement, especially when you keep repeeating this same "statement" over and over in front of the same audience. It becomes a disguised "mot d'ordre". Do you remember that photo published in almost all papers: Navin, Paul and Grégoire laughing during FCM's anniversary. This act of "faire la bouche doux" was (correct me if I'm wrong)made in the absence of other major party-leaders like Xavier and Pravind. So can we still treat the singing priest's acts as a neutral political statement...? Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon dieu pour des canards sauvages... If he was so strong as he believes since his rally of RHill stadium, then he should have proved it by standing as candidate, not by resorting to canvassing all party leaders for "pas blié mo bann" and "pas de mot d'ordre". Political insights?? Heh, about what? Whatever he says, he has the same vision as the likes of Cehl, Krit, Kanaksabee, etc: Mo bann contre bann-la, un point c'est tout.

@ SJ:
To pou attann avek la bouzi rouz oussi, la liste-la pou ress vini mem: Take the leap!! :-)

@ Kranti:
"do we get qualifications by quota?" L-O-L!!
Enn lepok, Gilbert Ahnee oussi ti pe dire ki fauder "équilibrer" ethniquement la SMF et la force policière. Mais couma pou faire sa - fixer enn pourcentage X% pou sak kominoté, ek force X% dimounes dans sak kominoté rentre dans la force policière et SMF? Samem dire ou, ena dimoune pense (trop?) boukou, faire joli joli théories, mais pas en terme pratique...

kifer said...

Another joker is back.