Monday, March 23, 2009

Mirror, Mirror Upon the Wall, Who is The Fairest of All?

That would be Singapore and not Sithanen. Let us say we started with a 100 in September 1991 (the month the bean-counter became Minister of Finance for the first time) and grossed up that amount with the growth rates achieved by the two countries until December 1995 before resuming the calculations in July 2005 and stopping in December 2008. You can think of it as the career performance of Dr. Sithanen as far as growth rates go.

Singapore comes in ahead by a staggering 21.1% as at the end of 2008 (it was ahead by over 26% in December 2007). This is a mind-boggling performance by the South-East Asian Tiger because it still managed to progress so much despite being on top of the world and an appreciating currency while Mauritius slid into increasing international economic insignificance. More on this later.

Given that you've behaved so well, let me now take you for a quick peek at the world's busiest port.


akagugo said...

The key instrument in port activity / productivity is the gantry crane ("portique" en français). Can you count the number of gantry cranes in the world's busiest port?

But, back in 2004 people were warning the "competent authorities" about possible mixing up of priorities :

But Réunion Island was already gearing up for action since 2005...

But Dodoland purchased its first ever two "portiques" in 2008 with the hope of boosting the number of operations up to half-a-million per year

But in the meantime, that's how we are "managing" them (and the additional two purchased some months later):




Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Mersi pu sa bann links la akagugo. Btw, a la enn ti paz interessan pou ki links vinn clikab.

Wi sa zimaz la epustuflan. Mo ti deza servi li isi. Ek mo ti deza amiz mwa kont bann portik ena 3-4 banane par la: tiariv 124 si mo rappel byen. Kont sa apre desann a gos.
Se ki pe fer dan le port enn bon indikasyon seki deroule dan nu pei. Se byen byen trist sa.

akagugo said...

@ SJ:

Merci monsieur pou ou link vers tutorial on basic html...

In fact, I used the picture you originally posted as illustration to your post on SIDS

En tout cas, plis mo guette Singapour so maniere manage sak pouce so territoire, plis mo envie dire dimoune ki content bla-bla inutilement: alle la-bas, ouvert zott li-zié guetter bien, lerla ou capave dire commier le-temps nou pé perdi dans la-guerre entre nou-mem pou bann choses futiles. Mo content prend l'exemple lor enn zaffer: Lepok l'otorite Singapour ti pe travail lor MRT, nou nou ti en plein couvre-feu / tensions / la-guerre communal...
Espérons ki nou dirigeants pou coummence comprend ki li nepli lerr pou continuer perdi lé-temps dans divide and rule, mais mett tous compétences ensam, mett les moyens ek réuni tous conditions favorables pou amenn developpement (humain avant tout, puis matériel). Ayo, mo cwar mo pe vinn fou: mo pé faire couma-dir kikenn parmi ça-bann autistes-la pe prend moi compte...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Me me, se enn plezir!
Ah wi, lor management pa kav koste ar zot sa. Me kan mem nu ti kav aret fer zes ek buz divan.