Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama on The Tonight Show


akagugo said...

Eh, did you know that Barack Hussein could have been playing drums on that show...?

One of his opponents finds “It’s not right that the President is keeping the American people in the dark about an issue as important as his taste in music. If the President listens to thrash, death or even proto-doom, it’s important that the people know so they can make informed decisions.”

So, what does our PM dig? Blakkayo, Negro Pou Lavi, Bam Cuttayen, Abba, A-Ha, Britney Spears, Manu Dibango, Bappi Lahiri, or Los del Río...? Does it really matter to make an "informed decision" here in Dodoland?

akagugo said...

8 years later, some people still not aware of The Onion's seriousness... Four years of tremendousness ahead! Yee-ha!