Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BOI Misses Targets

The Rs15 billion of foreign direct investment target that Raju Jaddoo has set for 2009 is in fact the target Sithanen had for 2008 (see paragraph 9 of the 2008/09 budget). As only Rs11.4 billion poured in last year, the BOI fell short by about a quarter.

The other target that Sithanen/Jaddoo had was to rank Mauritius in the Top 10 places of the oversold (see here) World Bank's Doing Business survey in 2009. That didn't happen either: Mauritius clocked only a 24th place. In fact the best ranking we ever achieved in that survey was a notch higher and it happened, as the table above shows, before the bean-counting reform of Mansoor/Sithanen.

Finally, why do we have to borrow Rs600 million in USD from the World Bank for some dumb project called Mauritius Economic Transition Project when Government has been awash with cash from overtaxing us for so long? Who exactly benefits from Mauritius being saddled by Sithanen and Mansoor with all these billions of rupees worth of loans in foreign currency?


Anonymous said...

Dont know if its out of this context..but why so many foreigners are coming to our country??? Why is it that we need from them??...What about our people in 5 yrs time on the local job market????

Anonymous said...

So for this Doing Business thingy it does not matter whether there is an adequate amount of water in our reservoirs?

How come this trumpet was blown so often then?

akagugo said...

@ Anonymous of July 29, 2011 10:16 PM

Maybe some think that business can be done like a carwash: waterless.