Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poverty Analysis 101

Lutchmeenaraidoo managed to make Mauritius a bit more equal when the poorest 20% of households ended up with 6.4% of total income in 1991 which was a good 0.8% more than they had 5 years earlier. The top 20% also saw their share shrink by 0.7% in the same year.

Enter the bean-counter in 1991 and 5 years later the latter had a massive 2.7% more while the poorer group had 0.5% less. In fact with le p'tit cousin, the top-earning households got their biggest share of total income over the 15 years reviewed above while the lowest 20% saw their brightest days with cousin grande.

And finally, when Ramgoolam left he had managed to give 0.3% back to the lower-earning 20% while clawing back about half the reverse robinhoodness of Sithanen. See, I told you Navin's first government was mediocre but not toxic.

To be continued...

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Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

You might want to read a pretty detailed analysis of the last 30 years ending in 2012.