Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mauritius Ranks 77th in Human Development

Out of 187 countries according to the 2011 report published by the UNDP a few days ago. This puts us in the high human development category but we're 25 spots lower than the first African country: The Seychelles. Which is by the way only 5 spots from the very high human development group of countries.

This is definitely a much more interesting Index to track. Unless of course if you happen to be a bean-counting junkie.

P.S. Make sure to check Figure 5.1 which captures pretty much Kozelidir's idea of development. And to have some fun with the data explorer.


akagugo said...

Thank you very much for the data explorer: it's a source of lots of fun. Especially tracking the expenditure on public health over time, and the effect on the human development index.
But what do we need else to make the jump in to the club of Norway, Cuba (one of the best free health care systems that can be, I hear) and the like...?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ti pu pli serie si u ti dir meurshii meuuhhh-sheeuu

Wai bonn get sa bann donne la kumsa. Bann Kibeihnn zot system sante mari top sa ek zot parmi ban dimunn pli fit lor later... en plis zot bat USA dan sport prefere ban Yankees.

Isi nu taler tu nu bann zeness pu vinn bann ti sumo fighters...

akagugo said...

Nan, ena tro boukou prinsip sa arr la.

Isi, se plito 'cutter' dan sak lekol, portab 'dernier-cri' avek so fim porno 'pre-loaded', lalkol ou lerrb ki ferr riyer/plorer, ek kom kiltirr regrouper en clan ethno-religio-kasteis, batt/zourr professerr si pov diab-la inn gagn malerr essey ferr so klass convenablement, etc.

Si li parett tro nwarr tablo-la, mo bien pa sagrin: realite ki bann gran-dimounn inn tolere depi tro lontan ki'nn amenn nou la kott nou ete azrodi.

If we want to escape this spiraling negativity, I think we should adapt what the best do: inspire ourselves from altruist societies like scouts / girl's guides to inculcate the most noble of manners and behaviours. (sinon, bez couma-dir ena de lipie dan plass ou de la-me)
Added to this, I'd suggest some form of 'compulsory social service' (instead of 'compulsory military service'; and no possibility of any waiver) in order to ingrain in young people the sense of responsibility and solidarity: in the end-of-trimester vacations of all secondary-school goers, they must complete a number of hours in practical activities such as baby-sitting/looking after elderly people, basic cooking/housekeeping, keeping a small shop/business activity/garden, coaching primary school children while spending at least 2 weeks in the house of a family of different social background, and will be completed near the end of secondary school years (technically an adult at that satge) by completing a first-aid course and driving at least one 4-wheeled vehicle and at least one 2-wheeler.
The intention behind all of this is to ensure that our future adults develop the level of patience and understanding of others (of age, condition and stage of life), basic 'survival' skills as well as behaving responsibly when being 'outside'.
It may be outlandishly ambitious for those who have never ever slept in the house of a different family, but if we want to curb the morbid trend that our newspapers gleefully reflect back to us every week, then, it's time to act.
Not the futile 'enhancement programmes' (what do you enhance of an originally unfair system: better unfairness?), nor the 'integration sociale' thingy that rests on a curative, not preventive/sustainable principle.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

In 2014 we were 63rd or one better than Seychelles. I will definitely have to check the criteria again :)