Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Will Win The Last Two Matches?

South Africa had a good match against Mexico but was outmaneuvered by Uruguay yesterday which looks poised to advance to the next round probably with whoever wins in the France-Mexico match-up tonight.

The two teams from Group B which are likely to move to round 16 are meeting today at 15h30 with Messi getting another opportunity to dazzle one and all.

Slovenia is ahead in Group C and will clinch its ticket to the next stage if it beats the US tomorrow. England didn't look particularly strong against Tim Howard's side.

Germany began very strongly by demonstrating impressive efficiency. Just like they did four years ago. Klose scored and is only 4 goals shy of Ronaldo's record of 15 goals. Ghana style is quite artistic and that may be enough to help it accompany the Mannschaft to play beyond June 23rd.

It was great to see Kuyt score one against Danemark but let's hope for some more Eto magic soon.

We are still at square one in Group F where current World Champions Italy landed.

Brazil started slow against a surprisingly strong North Korea side maybe because they were studying a team they probably never played against. Also many of the big names have been left out of Selecao probably after what happened in Germany: Brazil had a star-studded team but they didn't seem interested to play their best football. Wouldn't be surprised to see North Korea advance to the next stage.

And finally Spain will not win all its matches in the first round this time but should still make it with the other 15 teams hoping to raise the world cup on July 11.


akagugo said...

Question: "Who Will Win Their Last Two Matches?"

Answer: NOT France.
Look at the amount of flak they are receiving:

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Your link didn't get posted. Yep they are being smashed from all sides.

akagugo said...

Sorry for missing links:

kamasutr aaaahhhhh said...

Heard that Domenech consults astrologers to select his players. I wonder if they are the same used by our minis "rahn pwin".

akagugo said...

@ kamasutr aaaahhhhh:
And his astrologers didn't see the disaster coming? After the laughing-stock that he made of his team and structure around it, he should change trade after his vacations in Dodoland...