Saturday, June 26, 2010

Former Miss Mauritius Found Dead in Mumbai

Mumbai Police reports Viveka Babajee's body was found hanging at her flat last night. She was 37.


kifer said...

Police found a note with "Gautam, you've killed me" on it. And now Gautam is apparently a stock analyst. Could it be that she was convinced to gamble all of her savings?

Enn_aie_uhh said...

Bien triste sa histoire la. So mama pe dire li ti ene battante de personne ek zot la famille pa pe exclure la possibilite pu poursuive Vora sous ene charge "d'abetment". Et Viveka ti fer avoye fleur a so BF trois jours avant li mort.

lakeminou said...

Pas fini de sitot cette histoire.