Sunday, June 27, 2010

Most Visited Sites in Mauritius

Unsurprisingly Facebook is numero uno. Google, and YouTube are next. (Yes!!!!) is at no. 9 two spots lower than Wikipedia but one spot higher than is at 11 while L'express is at 13 and Rapidshare is in between. Twitter is at 16, BBC at 25, at 32 and MCB at 33. Le Matinal is at 39, Defimedia at 46 and Le Mauricien at 54. is 59th and Flickr is 60th. LinkedIn at 62 is two spots higher than the Mauritius Turf Club. SBMonline is at 74, Manu FC is at 78 while MBC is at 79. Finally Apple Inc is at 92.

Given that Mauritians visit blogs more than they visit any newspaper's site shouldn't the Prime Minister invite bloggers to his press conferences?

You can browse the full list on Alexa's site.


Yashvin said...

It might be true that loads of Mauritians actually visit blogs but unfortunately, the positioning of does not necessarily mean that these people are accessing Mauritian blogs. Many download and reviews sites are actually hosted on these google servers.

As a blogger for more than 3yrs, I am for giving more importance to blogs. Perhaps you might be interested to meet other blogger friends in our next bloggers' meeting (date not fixed yet).


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Mo pense ena fort korelasyon ent pozisyon ek traffik ki ban blog morisyen gayne.

Nu gayn enn ti indikasyon seki dimunn truv popiler parmi 93 blog:
Mauritius Blog Tracker. Bruno ti petet kav fer parey pu so bloglist ki pli larz.

Nu usi kone ki se enn trend mondyal. Bann lagazet pe mor trankilman: si enn top lagazet kuma New York Times finn bizin led Carlos Slim pu sirviv be ki lagazet a labri?

akagugo said...

Too big to fail? :-)
Even the venerable Le Monde teetered on the edge of bankruptcy and had to be rescued by a triumvirate.

Yashvin said...

Defimedia, matinal, express...
Tout ine tourne zotte vers web 2.0.
Cela montrer ki effectivement blogging p gagne ene ti place dans morice et nu bisin encourage sa passion la :-)

en passant, mo p organise ene bloggers' event bientot, reunissant maximum bloggers mauriciens.
Si to interesser, to cpv send mwa ene msg lo facebook pu mo kone to nom on facebook? Ceci afin ki mo cpv invite toi lo facebook event ki mone set up la.

A bientot ;)

akagugo said...

Another way of seeing this ranking - from the brief summaries accompanying the URL's:

Youporn - 31
Pornhub - 37
LiveJasmin - 50 - 51
spankwire - 68
tube8 - 76
katzporn - 88
xnxx galleries - 97

8 sites out of the top 100 are NSFW... So, what may we deduct from that?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@akagugo: That the government's site is almost as popular as Youporn?

lakeminou said...

L'express ena beaucoup photos lor so site. Donc si 500 personnes guette 50 photos par jour c'est 750,000 page visitees par mois (donc a peu pres 25% de son traffic).
Qualite de ses articles assez faible et en plus tres partisan (quand c'est pas carrement des mensonges). Plus la censure des commentaires et leur fameux NDLR...