Sunday, June 27, 2010

Price Stability is Always a Priority

Unlike what you heard Berenger say on Saturday. See it's such a crucially important policy objective that even a badly battered UK has kept its target inflation rate of 2%. That's the UK you gonna tell me, here in Mauritius the laws of physics or of economics don't apply. What do you make then of the European Central Bank not giving up on its inflation target of less than 2% either?


Anonymous said...

Price stability pas un least 4 paul. This is what people dont undestand. these politicians havent spent a cent from their pockets in a long time.

la vie trop facile pou zot.

akagugo said...

Not only politicians, dear fellow Dodolander. All gro-palto who commute to work in their company cars too - just ask, "au hasard" three R's, Mr R Soomarooah, Mr R Beebeejaun or R Mr Makoond, how much would a bus ride cost them to reach their work desk. And "question bonus": what is the latest time at which they should be on the bisstop if they are to reach their work desk on time? Who is the hard-balled journalist who can put that question through...?

Anonymous said...

cest ca le problem, nous politiciens zot out of touch avec la realite. et c zot qui pou aide nous, ha. faire rier ca.

mo pas p dire qui zot besoin vinne commnet M gandhi mais quand meme...pou enn un leader opposition vine dire un stupidity comme ca!

paulo fine demode, oudated and obsolete.

Anonymous said...

you should ask: who is the hard-balled journalist to put in finalcial equation the loss per day for every Mauritian worker who travels to work by bus and the amount of CO black fumes he inhales everyday while standing on the bus stop, waiting patiently for his bus... The answer is NONE because we have no hard-balled journalist in this country, all we have are what we call 'des publi-journalistes', i.e. so-called journalists who only knows how to do 'publi-reportages' especially on ministers and MP's alike. That's what they are taught by Roukaya Kasenally at the University of Mauritius !!!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@Anonymous #1: sa mem sa. zot byen fer fut ek sufrans lezot dimunn.

@akagugo: enn mari o hazar sa. amwin ki se de 'l'advocacy journalism' kuma kiken ti komente resaman. 2 excellan kestyon sa.

@Anonymous #2: wi zot totalman dekonekte. Ton polo inn mari ler pu li al kasyet enn pe.

@Anonymous #3: wi. se enn vre dram sa.

akagugo said...

@ SJ:
Le hasard fait bien les choses. Parfois mieux que d'autres... :->