Thursday, May 6, 2010

6% Votes Difference Gave First 2 BBRs Large Seat Advantage

In 1983 the first Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (BBR) alliance got 5.7% more votes than Berenger's MMM. That gave them a 22 seats advantage. It was also the first time Berenger had presented himself as candidate to the land's highest office. He didn't get elected in Quatre-Bornes.

Four years later the second BBR alliance got a 5.6% advantage but gave back two seats to the MMM but Berenger was again not elected in QB.

Interestingly in 2005 Ramgoolam got a BBR-like result: 38-22. And this time he got a 6.2% votes advantage. But he pretty much wasted such a comfortable majority.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you but when you analyse the economic policy (politique economique)of Mauritius, we find that there has been a sort of continuity since 1982 despite what each camp is saying. Navin with or withour Sithanen will continue in the same path.

akagugo said...

ça'nn election-la oussi pareil: 8% différence dans vote donne enn grand écart dans quantité siège... Ziska quand sa pou contignié?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@anonymous: periode post 1982 pa totalman iniform. En tu ka dernier 5 banane la pena oken paralell dan nu listwar sa. Si selman Sithanen tial rode en FS depi lor la lin zafer ti pu petet enkor passab: lin al rode ene la World Bank!

@akagugo: wai ti p get sa. ene reforme necesser.