Monday, May 17, 2010

Anti-graft Expert Blames World Bank

That's what Bertrand de Speville did in an interview in Le Mauricien this afternoon. Essentially he's saying the Bretton-Woods loan shark may be suffering from a we're-so-big-we-can't-be-wrong type of institutional arrogance and is responsible for the lack of progress in the fight against corruption in many countries. De Speville recently published book can be ordered from Amazon by clicking on the image below. I also recommend reading the very interesting Chapter 7 of Sebastian Mallaby's book.

Overcoming Corruption: The Essentials


Anonymous said...

Mallaby is good reading indeed for Mauritians who want to know how AMM invaded the MoF in such a short time. AMM should thank the heavens that we no longer have people like KJ in Parliament !!!

akagugo said...

For those who were note able to get a copy of Le Mauricien of 17th may 2010:

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Good time to remember what de Speville said about the World Bank and corruption.