Friday, January 1, 2010

New Decade Starts Now

So we're gonna watch the World Cup for a month in the middle of 2010 and elect a new government. We probably don't know which one yet. Ramgoolam is not sure to stay on as Prime Minister. He can blame his now legendary escapism for it. The MMM has nothing serious to offer unless Berenger and fellow dinosaurs allow the party to get a new lease on political life. The MSM is the only opposition party that has shown some spine in Parliament. But not enough to take Mauritius to where it should go.

The most positive development of the last few years has been the emergence of new voices and platforms to challenge fossilized ones. This process seemed to have accelerated in 2009. I suspect it will grow louder in 2010 as we make sure to end Sithanen's supply-side madness.

We don't have any other choice. Unless we want to put another lost decade under our belt.

Happy New Year!


Ashfaq said...

"msn has shown some spine.." lolz.. you should re-read the last year papers ! Msm should be condemned by a court for not playing the role of the oppposition in the assembly ! they only agreed moreorless on everything with the AS ! This is not called opposition ! I am very sorry but you are wrong on that.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ashfaq, real lire lagazat 2009??? Sa c plis ki ene tortir sa. 'Some' spine me mo dakor pa a c selman. Zot fine a c kritik enver politik paglanomics Sithanen. Mo pense pa zot pu kass ene gran pake si zot ti o pouvoir. Parkont mo pense pa zot ti pu fan dal kuma le dokter ine fane.

MMM fine plis trankil ki MSM dan parleman. Nu bisin kondan zot plis. Berenger ek ene d enkor ti bizin al kassyet, laisse parti la refer inpe.