Sunday, January 3, 2010

Was Madam Secretary Not Briefed Properly?

To have apparently come up with a statement which Sithanen tried to leverage in paragraph 38 of his November 18 budget by attributing it to one Senator Hillary Clinton. Hmm, maybe there is a comment by Elvis about the success of his reforms in that speech too? Here's part of what was reproduced:
"They've demonstrated a commitment to transparency, accountability and good governance. Now, the people of Mauritius have been the primary beneficiaries of these reforms: it does help to unlock human potential and to create conditions where people feel that their hard work will actually be rewarded."
That's quite surprising given the supply-side madness that Sithanen has been subjecting us to and the Obama administration's drive to make America a fairer society after 8 years of Bush folly. Transparent? Like what? Like the controversial stimulus package or the yet-to-be-understood hedging scandals at the STC and MK?

I always thought that crony capitalism and good governance were two entirely different things.

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