Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ramgoolam's Argument is Flawed

The Prime Minister is still talking while I write this down. I checked a bit earlier for about 20 seconds and couldn't bear listening to his pathetic speech. He was saying that we cannot compensate workers for the rate of inflation because otherwise that will cause inflation. In essence he is echoing what the president of the MEF said in Le Defi+ a few weeks back. What Navin is failing and has failed to understand is that it's not the workers of this country who caused the double digit inflation but his incompetent finance minister who depreciated the rupee, removed subsidies and kept prices of fuel artificially high.

If he wants industrial relations to improve in this country he should order the bean-counter to stop violating article 5.2a of the Bank of Mauritius Act for a start. Besides, high inflation which is synonymous with increasing poverty has known to throw governments out of office.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Indeed it is not a decent salary compensation that was going to encourage more consumption and higher prices. In these difficult times, it would have provided some breathing space for our citizens. They would have surely saved the money or used it to pay their bills.

Hope that this government does not fall into the trap of the private sector who cares much more about profit than the well-fare of the employees. They are not only whining because profitable enterprises will have to contribute 2% of their profits as CSR, now some are pleading for the devaluation of our currency. Do these people really care for the poor and the needless? If they are not satisfied and cannot take full advantage of the incentives offered to them, it is better that the weaker companies closed down and let stronger ones take over their business and manpower. These whiners want to have everything on a silver plate and are reluctant to invest in technology and manpower. We cannot be the hostage of these "bean-counters" whose main difficulty is that they are not competitive. Our economy will surely grow much faster without their contribution.

Richard Le Bon

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Not only will we grow faster but it is more likely that we will live in a less unequal country.