Friday, June 5, 2009

How Large A Sacrifice is Rs10,000?

For our Ministers as announced in the last budget. Well, to find out we should take a look at their take home pay. A good place to start is for the Finance Minister to make available the total amount of pay and per diem he has received since July 2005. He can do that for his colleagues in the cabinet too so that they don't feel left out. Then we can get a better idea.

The other thing to consider is to switch from a per diem basis to a refund basis. That is Ministers should first make their expenses and then get refunded afterwards. A third suggestion would be to give the per diem in rupees so that we align the interest of our globe-trotters with that of the common woman. These might have, had they been in place for at least a decade, restrained one ex-central banker from blurting out dim-witted prescriptions about depreciating our rupee with an annoying frequency.


Anonymous said...

hello the team of this blog.
well congrats for your wonderful blog which is really down to earth.

Being a full time housewife, i never agree to any budget. In france and other countries, unemployed and even housewives are renumerated. Here mauritius is still in the poverty state, while ministers enjoy sound salaries as aristocrats. why their salaries are never decreased? so that the excess salary may be of help to mauritian citizens.
why housewives are considered unproductive on financial level of a country? though housewives don't work at least they contribute a lot to their family needs on a full time basis.
why unemployed people in reunion island are being renumerated for their unproductiveness and mauritian housewives are not being allocated for their full time productiveness?
abroad, much scopes are set for housewives unlike in mauritius.
if we are poor, better we go back to british colony at least we would get some financial support like reunion island getting financial support from france.

We don't have even a HOUSEWIVES' ASSOCIATION in mauritius. i on behalf of all mauritian housewives look forward for a new budget- regarding the setting up of a housewives association and monthly allocation for housewives.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Hello. Thank you for your kind words.

I am in favour of an unemployment insurance scheme. And yes instead of throwing our money to greedy exporters we could instead issue a cheque of about Rs30,000 to each household in our country (Rs10.4 billion on 335,000 households).

Our people will also fare better if we reduce the number of stupid decisions that we take and replace them with smarter ones.

The housewives association can be created right away. Get organised and make your voice heard.

sanjana said...

hello team editor

well thanks a lot for your kind response. and for your positive attitude.

sir, as you are financial analyst, may i request you to make a survey of the number of housewives in mauritius and how financial global crisis could affect them in the long run. an awareness campaign not only for housewives but to working women and the mass as well.

thanks in advance for your warm consideration.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Hello Sanjana,

That number is probably readily available from the CSO's website at or can be easily computed. Housewives just like the majority of the population (housewives could be the majority itself!) have been affected by a string of totally stupid policies of Sithanen/Mansoor/Ramgoolam well before the crisis started unfolding in the US. In fact Sithanen has probably inflicted more pain to the population than the global crisis has or will cause. So that even when the global crisis is over, we will still be in a mess here. I will return to the issue of vulnerability later.