Friday, April 6, 2012

Iceland Prosecutes Former PM

For failing to keep the country out of harm's way. Indeed 3 banks borrowed the equivalent of 10 times Iceland's GDP before failing and dragging the country into a deep recession. Interesting. I thing we should have this kind of accountability codified in our laws. And they should apply to senior officials in a position to mess up Mauritius in a big way.

You mess up, you don't collect 200.


akagugo said...

Er... Let's see how many people vote to have this kind of event analysed on MBC? :-)

veer said...

Great. But why didn't they prosecute while the guy was still in power?Chickens? Anyway we are chiken and a half/ We don't prosecute the hard-assed blokes whether in power or out. It bloody makes no difference. it's a closed circle.

akagugo said...

A closed circle I'd be very eager to break down to pieces... But not to build one of my own. Who'll join in?