Friday, March 16, 2012

Wanted: 3 Leaders

1 kot MSM (Muvman Sinksu Morisyen) parski apre dis banane depi ki linn erit lidersip parti soley Pravind pe kont lor so papa pu fer enn zafer ki enn presidan pa sipoze fer: remont lor kes savon.

1 kot Ptr (Parti Transfiz Ramgoolam) parski Navin usi pe enkor kont tro buku lor so papa pu li kontinye gagn kat motosiklet divan loto ki nu donn li pu al promne partu. Li pa interese et konn regle bann problem ki importan pu moris.

1 kot MMM (Muvman Manzer Mambo) parski telman Paul pe fer bann militan manz mambo semen apre semen ki ena militan finn aret ekut solda lalit militan: zot pe santi zot buku pli alez avek Mambo No. 5.


akagugo said...

Does it mean that leaders of other parties represented in Parliament are decetn leaders: Xavier and Nicholas and Cehl? I'd rather say: "Wanted: OTHER leaders".
Because the current ones are all stale from having cavorted with one another and wallowed in the same fetid and sterile movement since the past 20 years. And none of them (including their coterie of yes-men and blind followers) deserve any attention.
Dommage. Because I've heard many people complaining that there is no reaction from the ordinary masses.

I respond that I understand them: more than 80% of the people are heavily indebted, mostly in the form of a mortgage for securing the acquisition of their house, and this, at abusively high rates for the coming decades, during which the high inflation will keep them struggling to make ends meet near the end of every month, living on the illusion that savings for their retirement will be beefed up by playing Loto every week, and relying on flimsy contacts with the well-connected for resolving their small administrative problems. They are actually too busy to survive on their one and only salary to risk "gagne problem" by just speaking out. Yes, I think that this is accurately summed up as follows: the "system". The "system" is made up of a combination of fiscal and monetary conditions, compounded by fabricating a social stigma of being seen as an independant / liberal thinking by the under-cover NIU/SSS in such a way as to smother any rebellious volition from anywhere... Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but that's what I hear and see everywhere around me: people will speak out and act only if there's nothing to lose. Until then, silence is the rule, "'tension gagn problem"...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

No it doesn't mean the others are decent. Just wanted to take a quick look at our 3 main leaders.

Yeah making lives of people hard so that they shut up.