Friday, April 9, 2010

WIN Should Take One Extra Step

Woman in networking have apparently trained 100 women to become candidates in the general elections. That's a very laudable initiative. The only error they're making is to place their political future in the hands of our macho politicians: they want our main parties to allocate 1/3 of the candidates to them.

That ain't going to happen and  I believe they have missed an opportunity to register themselves as a new party. Their only alternative now is to have enough of their members stand as independent candidates. Otherwise their good efforts of preparing so many potential candidates will go to waste. And they might as well start waiting for Godot.


Anonymous said...


i agree with you . i wish to inform you that women in networking is only for working ladies not for housewives, coz housewives are being considered as non-existent women. Women in networking is only for productive ladies who contribute to the financial level of the country, the name should be altered, not women in networking, but working women in networking. coz housewives,etc,, are not allowed to join WIN. it's an unfortunate fact. it's high time to create housewives in networking but we don't have political or financial back up to bring forward our organization. WE ARE JUST DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

Anonymous said...

arrete rever kamarades!!!
ena ene ban dimune ki gagne travail avant elections parce ki zot ban grands agents politiques. zot donne coup de main pour elections. zot la main droite ban politiciens. ban agents politik ki zom ki fam. guette dans ban centres communautaires dan ban villazes eski zot assez qualifier pou vine officier, etc...? buku pe lutter pu gagne travail,ena pe vine agents et gagne travail facilement. pena meritocratie alors?
eski li ene politik a 2 vitesses?

Marie-Noelle Elissac said...

Dear all
I wish to correct an important mistake. wiN is for all women. every women - working, not working, housewife, are welcome in WIN. I myself have brought many housewives to WIN. it has never been our aim to form a political party. we are an advocacy group.

Anonymous said...

if am wrong, then i am sorry for the mistake for women in networking, when WIN was still in the creative process. i phoned and looked for information to join it, someone told me housewives cannot join it, it's only for working women. i dnt want to mention name, or whatever. now am aware that WIN is also for housewives. Am sorry for any inconvenience.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@Marie-Noelle: thanks for clarifying that WIN is open to all women.

I have to say though that I find your aim of getting a 100 women ready to stand as candidates and then to rely on Berenger or Ramgoolam to put as many women as possible on their candidate list rather naive. Why don't you people have these women candidates stand in the election and convince the voters to send as many of you in parliament?